Sponsorship’s for Streamers

When we start streaming we never have the best equipment or gear to really stand out. That’s where some great brands step up to help foster and encourage the development of small broadcasters with great sponsorship’s for seriously great gear. The Bits to Dollars team have compiled over fifty different sponsorship opportunities for streamers of […]

Who are the top Twitch Streamers? [Updated July 2019]

The Bits To Dollars team have compiled a list of the top 100 Twitch Streamers based on total number of followers. Please see below for the leading streamers on Twitch: Streamer Twitch Channel Followers Twitch Channel Views ninja /twitch/user/ninja 14,606,484 474,519,203 shroud /twitch/user/shroud 6,638,811 327,172,806 tfue /twitch/user/tfue 6,517,928 139,464,126 codyreese /twitch/user/codyreese 5,195,986 79,414,687 myth /twitch/user/myth […]

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