Getting Started in Minecraft like a PRO [2019 Guide]

You want to ideally spawn near an ocean in a plains or desert, if you spawn in roofed forest/maisa/mushroom island then id suggest starting a new world.

Mark your spawn coordinates, they will be useful later on.

The meta has changed, the ocean contains shipwrecks which gives really good early game loot. I’d suggest looting at least 4–5 shipwrecks and buried treasure maps.

Which should leave you with about:

  • A stack and a half of iron.
  • About a stack of gold.
  • Half a stack of emeralds.
  • 4–9 diamonds.

(These numbers may vary)

Use this loot to make a set of iron armor and tools and then it’s time to mine, dig a staircase down to Y=11, this is between diamond level Y= 5–16. Diamond frequently spawn at y=11.

Take a note of any diamonds you find. DONT mine them yet. Unless you absolutely have to.

NOTE: If you find any desert temples of jungle temples, loot them they will usually contain useful items such as enchanted books, ores, golden apples and if you’re extremely lucky: an Enhanted Golden Apple.

I would suggest making a diamond pickaxe and mining 24 obsidian. You can make obsidian manually by putting a water bucket over a lava lake.

Create a nether portal using 10 obsidian.

Use the other 4 obsidian with 2 diamonds and 1 book to make an enchantment table, Once you have the basic materials, go out and make a cow farm to obtain leather.

You will need both leather and sugarcane to make books. Which can be used to make an bookshelves which will give you the best enchantments (level 30).

Try to enchant your diamond pickaxe with Fortune III

This enchantment is rare and can be used to get more diamonds/coal from a single block. It is highly recommended to not mine any diamonds until you get fortune III.

Create a flint and steel

Go into the nether, I wouldn’t suggest going into the nether with only iron armour as it is sometimes not enough, especially on hard or hardcore mode.

The nether is very useful for fast travel.

1 block travelled in the nether is equal to 8 overworld blocks.

Check your spawn in the nether and look around to check if there are any nether fortresses nearby.

Nether fortresses are a vital part in progressing in minecraft, these structures contain 2 vital mobs:


50% chance of dropping a blaze rod, which can be used in potion brewing and crafting eyes of ender which lead you to the stronghold, which will then lead you to the end dimension.

Wither Skeletons

Has a 1/12 chance of dropping a stone sword (useless)

Has a 1/40 chance to drop his skull (wither skull) which can be used in coordination with soul sand to spawn the wither, which when killed drops a nether star, a vital ingredient in crafting a beacon. (Late game)

OPTIONAL: You can try and locate a nether fortress using iron armor alone however if you aren’t experienced you may die fairly quickly. Remember that lava flows as fast as water in the nether so dying is pretty easy.

Therefore I suggest mining 26 diamonds (24 for a full set of diamond armor and 2 for a diamond sword)

I would suggest enchanting these items at level 30 for extra assurance.

Once you find a nether fortress, ideally you want to collect nether wart, 1 magma cream (From a magma cube) and 2 blaze rods.

This can make a brewing stand using 3 cobblestone and 1 blaze rod.

And a potion of fire resistance which comes in handy against the blaze which spits fire once charged.

Beware of wither skeletons too

They will inflict the wither effect upon impact, this makes you take damage and hides your health bar. They are 3 blocks so just make a 2x2x1 tunnel and attack them, they won’t be able to attack back.

After looting the nether fortress and gathering a 32–64 blaze rods, it’s time to go back to the overworld.

I’d suggest from now on, setting up an afk fish farm or fishing manually (slower). This will gain you all sorts of loot;


A renewable source of food. Replenishes 2 hunger.

Enchanted Bows

Vital in the early game. You ideally want to look for Power VI, Infinity, Unbreaking III.

Enchanted Rods

Look for mending and it will never break if you fish with it. Also look for luck of the sea, which will increase the odds of you catching treasure.

Enchanted Books

Contains a random level 30 enchantment, very easy way to get OP armour and tools early game.

Nautilus Shells

Can be used with heart of the sea to craft a conduit (Underwater beacon – Late Game)


Can be used to rename a mob, this is very useful when finding a zombie villager (late game). Naming a mob classifies it as a custom mob, meaning it will not despawn.

Once you have 2 bows with Power VI or Unbreaking III or Infinity. It’s time to combine them using an Anvil.

You can craft an anvil using 3 iron blocks and 4 iron ingots. They can be used to combine enchantments, rename items and rename nametags.

You want to have a bow that has the following enchantments:

  • Power V
  • Infinity
  • Unbreaking III
  • Punch II (Optional)

Now you are set!

If you’ve already gotten fortune III on your pickaxe. I would suggest now using the enchantment table to look for Looting III. This maximises mob drops.

Go out at night and hunt for some enderman, they drop ender pearls which can be used to teleport or combined with a blaze powder to make a eye of ender. Which can be used to locate the stronghold and access the end dimension. Vital in progressing in Minecraft.

I’d highly suggest not sleeping for 3 days, this will cause phantoms to spawn, a mob that drops a very important ingredient: Phantom membranes, this can be used to make slowfalling potions, which are very important when fighting the dragon. This can also be used to repair the Elytra (late game)

Once you have 16 eyes of ender it’s time to locate the stronghold and fight the dragon.

Make sure to bring a lot of food with you (golden apples are recommended) and bring an ender pearl for safety measures.

Bring 10 obsidian to link up your stronghold in the nether, this will make accessing the end realm much easier and quicker.

I’d suggest looking up tutorials on how to fight the ender dragon effectively as it would be hard to explain it in words.

This is the best way to start a new world in Minecraft.

This guide is recommended for 1.13+ users

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