How to Start Streaming [2019 Guide]

Do you want to stream yourself, and are unsure what equipment you need to begin streaming?

Look no further, because all that is between you and your stream dream are the below three things:

  1. An account with the platform you want to stream on;
  2. A PC with at least 8GB of RAM, Windows 7, and an Intel i5 or AMD of equivalent power. When starting out a dual PC setup is not needed.
  3. Broadcasting software, such as OBS.

There are very little barriers to entry when it comes to streaming. As of late many companies have begun to develop high end products specifically geared towards video game streamers (ahem, the el gato stream deck) – that are not needed by new streamers. Stuff like a green screen, a mic buffer, or an HD camera are all things you don’t need to start. Luxury = yes, but a Necessity = no.

So good luck with streaming and we hope you begin to bring in bits to dollars!

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