Twitch Bits to US Dollars Calculator

If you ever wondered how much money your favorite Twitch Streamers are receiving from Cheered Bit Donations, look no further – This is a live view of Twitch to US Dollar conversion!

Twitch Bits to USD Conversion

*Note the value is based off of RAW US Dollars ($) to Twitch Bits without taking into account any sales or discounts.

Live Price and Discount for Cheer Bits through Twitch 

Dollars / Discount
100 Bits$1.40
500 Bits$7.00
1,500 Bits
$19.95 (25% Discount)
5,000 Bits
$64.40 (8% Discount)
10,000 Bits
$126.00 (10% Discount)
25,000 Bits
$308 (12% Discount)

There are no coupons yet for buying bits, but Twitch is currently offering these discounts available to all Twitch users. There are currently discounts for purchasing large quantities of Twitch Bits starting at 1500 bits with no limits currently (1 million bits would net a large amount of free bits to donate).

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Twitch Bit Guide: What the *#!% is a Bit?

Twitch Bits - Tipping Streamers on Twitch

What exactly is a Twitch Bit?

A Twitch viewer can purchase Bits on Amazon’s Twitch platform.

These bits can be purchased through Amazon Payments or Paypal.

Twitch viewers also have the opportunity to receive free Twitch Bits by watching Ad’s on Twitch, or participating in official Twitch activities.

Bit donations appear a cheer message, or an animated emoji directly on the screen of your favorite Twitch streamer.

Not only is this a great way to engage and talk directly to the streamer, but you are directly supporting your favorite streamer.

All bits on enabled Twitch partner or affiliate channel receive revenue shares for all Twitch bit donations received.

You can also earn some pretty sweet badges to highlight your support of your favorite streamers community.

Twitch Bit Badges

To learn how much a Twitch Bit is worth, checkout our updated Twitch Bit Calculator on the homepage!

How to Buy Twitch Bits to Cheer to your Favorite Streamers on Mobile and Desktop

Do you want to learn how to donate bits to your favorite streamers? Twitch Streamers like Ninja and Sodapoppin receive thousands of messages during their stream. Sometimes they only read comments and messages when they are donated with a cheer of Twitch Bits. Bits can only be purchased through Amazon Payments and Paypal. 

You can also go directly to the Twitch Bits page to learn more.

If you are not sure what a Bit is –  a Bit is a virtual item that can be used to Cheer your favorite Twitch streamers. When a viewer donates Bits an animated emote gets blasted onto your favorite streamers screen along with your message. Not only does this allow your favorite streamer to not miss your message, this is also a great way to support all Twitch Partners and Affiliates.

Also remember, all Twitch users are eligible to earn Free Twitch Bits by watching Ads on Twitch or taking a survey on TwitchRPG.

How to cheer bits on Twitch on desktop?

Step 1:

Make sure you are logged into your Twitch account and go into a channel where bit donations are enabled.

Step 2:

Click on the Bits icon that appears when you click the text box for chat. If you do not have any bits on your account, you can click Get Bits directly from this menu. You will also get a prompt at the top of the menu that says Watch Ad; this will allow you to earn Free Twitch Bits.

Step 3: 

Now the fun part! Choose which Cheermote you want to use for your bit donation. There are several options, so feel free to get creative when supporting your favorite streamer’s community.

Step 4:

Now simply, enter your message, along with the amount of bits you would like to donate in this format: ‘cheer100 Ninja is the GOAT!’

How to cheer bits on Twitch on mobile?

Twitch has recently added a ton of support for mobile users. Bit donations are now working the same way they work on web. In the text chat window, press the Bits icon – choose the amount of Bits along with your message and cheermote graphic/icon.

twitch bit donation mobile

Free Twitch Bit Guide: How to get free bits on Twitch?

There are currently two ways to earn free bits on Twitch. Please reach out to the team @ bits to dollars if you learn of a new method of earning free bits!

  1. Watch Ads on Twitch
  2. Take Surveys on TwitchRPG

Watching Ads on Twitch

While in a Twitch channel, click on the Get Bits button in the chat box. There will be an option to Watch Ad. Once you finish watching the Ad, you will earn free Twitch bits based on the length of the advertisement. Our experience has shown you earn about 5 Free Bits per Ad.

Twitch RPG Surveys

TwitchRPG is Twitch’s research arm that helps create a better community for both the viewers and streamers. Simply signup on the site, vote on new emotes, take surveys and more to earn free Twitch bits. TwitchRPG surveys reward around 500 Free Bits per survey.

Farming Bits on Twitch through Watching Ads

You are able to farm as many free Twitch bits as your PC can handle. People have been known to hack macros or bots to farm more bits, but these are easily caught and often banned.  The only catch to farming bits through watching ads, is that there is a cool down between watching ads that reward free bits. However, there is no limit on how many free Twitch bits you can earn.

Twitch Prime Bits
Twitch Prime Bits to US Dollars

When did Twitch Launch the Bits Platform?

Twitch, launched Cheering with a blog post on June 27th, 2016 – with a full international roll out by September 19th 2016. Interacting with your favorite streamers, by donating Bits through cheering was now possible in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Lithuania, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, US Outlying Islands, UK, and US. With plans to expand into other countries that showed interest in the Cheering Platform.

Twitch Bit Abuse – What to avoid:

  • You can not cheer bits that you earned through Ads for Bits in your own Twitch Channel
  • You can not farm Bits via Bits for Ads on multiple accounts, or through any Bot or script