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Most content creators and esport teams are paid with a 1099. When tax season comes around, all money you are paid must be claimed on your tax return. This is when it is crucial to find a specialist who can guide you. An Accountant or Tax Advisor specializing in eSports and gaming; will be your best option. 

When it comes to tournament winnings, YouTube Ad Revenue, Twitch Bit Donations or sponsorships; an E-Sport Accountant will help you set aside funds to cover your tax bill, and help establish a sound financial future.

Bits to Dollars has highlighted the below 5 Accounting Consultancy and Companies to contact to for a consultation: - esports financial consultancy - e-sports accounting – E-Sports Accounting and Financial Consultantancy

Harvex is an accounting firm focused on emerging markets. Their two main arms include divisions for gaming and crypto. Harvex employs a team of specialists in the world of eSports and handles financial tasks for a wide range of teams, individuals and e-sport companies. 

Harvex’s team of eSport accounting and financial consultant’s can guide you in establishing your own organization, sponsorships taxes, and more.

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Shahen Derderian & Associates (SDA) - esports accounting
Shahen Derderian & Associates (SDA) – e Sports Accounting

Shahen Derderian & Associates (SDA)

Shahen Derderian and Associates is a private wealth management firm with a specialized division focusing exclusively on esports accounting for teams and competitive gamers. They work with lifestyle and content creators on a personal level to develop a financial plan at a lower price than many bigger wealth management firms. 

SDA’s esport accounting team specializes in: tournament earning tracking and cash winnings planning, cash flow analysis, bill payment, strategic tax planning, wealth management, major asset purchases, investment oversight and more.

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Fusion Certified Public Accountants – Esports Accounting

Fusion Certified Public Accountants (Fusion CPA)

Fusion CPA is a CPA consultancy that specializes in taxes, bookkeeping, and general business advisory council. Fusion CPA’s team of financial consultants help gamers and esports organizations by managing their finances, tax obligations, tournament winnings and more. 

Fusion CPA Accounting and Financial Consultants

Fusion CPA’s team of accountants and financial consultants are based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Future of Esports Accounting and the Importance of a Strong Financial Consultant by Fusion CPA

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