First Stream Guide

There’s no barrier to start streaming. When you google “how to stream”, you will be bombarded with high end products, green screens, standalone stream pc setups and more. NONE of this needed to start streaming!

To start your first stream, all you need is a streaming software such as OBS, your device, an internet connection and an account on Twitch, Facebook or YouTube!

Starting your First Stream on PC

How to start your first stream on PC?

To start your first stream on PC all you will need are the below three things!
1) An account with the platform you want to stream on;
2) A PC with at least 8GB of RAM, Windows 7, and an Intel i5 or AMD of equivalent power;
3) Broadcasting software, such as OBS.

Both Playstation and Xbox have dedicated APP’s within the console for you to stream directly from your console.

Starting your First Stream on Nintendo Switch


Is is possible to stream from a Nintendo Switch?

Yes! It’s possible to stream directly from a Nintendo Switch. You will need to buy an Elgato capture card to hook up to the Nintendo Switch dock. You then connect your Switch to your television through the dock’s HDMI out port. Connect your Elgato to your PC, and boom! Stream directly from your nintendo Switch. Create a Twitch account and your streaming!

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Best Broadcasting Software to Stream

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

Open Broadcaster Software is completely free and open-source. OBS works on Windows, macOS and Linux. It’s very light and versatile. You can’t go wrong with using OBS to stream on Twitch or Mixer.


XSplit is a live streaming software that has been on Steam since 2016. Xsplit is a great option to use as Broadcasting software when streaming.


Wirecast is a live video streaming production tool by Telestream. It allows users to create live or on-demand broadcasts for the web.


vMix is a software vision mixer available for the Windows operating system. The software is developed by StudioCoast PTY LTD. Like most vision mixing software, it allows users to control mixing, switching, recording and livestreaming of cameras, videos files, audio, and more, in resolutions of up to 4K.