Streamer Sponsorships


When we start streaming we never have the best equipment or gear to really stand out. That’s where some great brands step up to help foster and encourage the development of small broadcasters with great sponsorship’s for seriously great gear. When becoming a leading content creator or influencers it’s vital you have this great gear.

The Bits to Dollars team have compiled over fifty different sponsorship opportunities for streamers of any size.

Gaming Seat Sponsor Opportunities


OPSEAT is only able to sponsor USA based esports organizations and streamers. OPSEAT is a premium gaming furniture and lifestyle brand.

Requirements for sponsorship

All: Must be located in the contiguous United States

  • Bronze: Entry level content creator. Under 10,000 subscribers on YouTube or under 50 average viewers on Twitch. Keep working hard to get some traction, getting off the ground is always the hardest part.
  • Gold: Experienced content creator. Under 100,000 subscribers or between 50 to 250 average viewers. Great work, stay consistent in your schedule and continue to grow your audience. Please submit an application below.
  • Diamond: Established content creation brand. Over 100,000 subscribers or over 250 average viewers. Your viewership rivals the largest channels. Please submit an application below.

To learn more about OPSEAT’s Gaming Chair sponsorship click here.


Requirements for sponsorship

MAXNOMIC produces the famous MAXNOMIC chairs, which are used by some of the biggest streamers out there. MAXNOMIC sponsors content creators through their NEEDforSEAT program. NEEDforSEAT partners with multiple organizations, teams, schools, leagues, and streamers.

MAXNOMIC currently sponsors:

  • Ninja
  • TFUE
  • KayPea (KP)
  • Timthetatman
  • Dr DisRespect
  • Castro_1021
  • Ship
  • KugoTheMighty
  • Summit1G
  • LaurenZside
  • Blessious
  • Rhabby_v
  • Lirik
  • PartiallyRoyal
  • Versus
  • P90princess
  • Swipathefox
  • Nateson
  • Towelliee
  • Backdraft
  • Hiko

Due to the stature of their current rosters, it’s unlikely you will be able to get a sponsorship with MAXNOMIC – however it does not hurt to try! We have hear of MAXNOMIC helping out smaller streamers and events often! You can learn more about MAXNOMIC’s NEEDforSEAT program here.


DXRacer offers an affiliate program for streamers. You’ll receive a commission from an online purchase within 14 days from your affiliate link. Streamers must apply before being accepted into the program.Requirements for sponsorship

Requirements for sponsorship

Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If approved, you’ll receive a custom affiliate code. You can receive up to 10% back from every purchase using your code.

DXRacer affiliates typically have: 

  • YouTube: 100,000 subscribers
  • Twitch: 80,000 followers
  • Twitter: 60,000 followers
  • Instagram: 8,000 followers

You can learn more about DXRACERS sponsorship program here.


If you want to apply to be one of Arozzi’s partners or have another collaboration proposal, complete their form. The more information the better! The Arozzi Gaming Chair team will review your request and contact you if you’re a fit for their organization! You can submit your application here.


GT Omega Racing

Clothing Sponsorship Opportunities


The NERDVANA company is currently offering sponsorship opportunities to all Twitch and YouTube streamers. NERDVANA reviews your application and will get back to you as soon as possible. When we sponsor a streamer, we are committed to helping your achieve your dream as a professional entertainer. With our clothing, you will be suited to look the part while doing so.

nerdvana sponsorship
NERDVANA sponsorship program

Communication with your followers is not only a great way to grow as a streamer, but it directly correlates to making sales and earning money. We reward via commission as handsomely as you will look for every Nerdvana Clothing garment sold from one of your affiliate links.

Requirements for sponsorship

The only rule NERDVANA has for clothing sponsorship is that the broadcaster cannot currently be affiliated with another clothing brand or store. You can learn more and apply for NERDVANA’s sponsorship program here.


The J!NX Affiliate program has grown and we are happy to announce that we have partnered with eBay Enterprise to offer the best and most effective affiliate program available. Our program is extremely competitive, offering significant commission on every product that is sold through your link(s).They are currently offering:

  • Detailed reporting to track commission
  • Numerous linkage banners that are sharp and professional
  • A constant stream of new products
  • High-value product promotions and sales
  • 100% spam compliant

Requirements for sponsorship

There are currently no requirements for sponsorship. J!NX is currently offering open enrollment in their affiliate program. You can sign up for the J!NX Affiliate Program here!


Into the AM has a Creators Program that allows creators to earn cash and exlusive perks. They partner with content creators, big and small, to spread the word about their handcrafted apparel. You can earn commission for each item, whether it’s from their brand or any of their licensed games.

INTO the AM provides a custom link and discount code. Your code offers viewers 10% Off their orders, and you receive a 10% commission of their order total. You can learn more and signup for the INTO the AM Creators program for streamers and broadcasters here.

Raid Clothing

GamerBorn Clothing

Computer Sponsorship Opportunities


XIDAX is currently offering a TEAMX sponsorship referral program. TeamX gains you access to exclusive Xidax content to put on your stream, YouTube Pages, and More! PLUS: For everyone you refer who purchases a computer from Xidax, you’ll earn money! 

You’ll earn 4% of every transaction you refer! That means, if someone buys a $3000 Xidax PC with your link, you get $120. Sell 10 of those and you get a cool $1200. Your customer will be tracked months after they use your link, so even if they use your link once, and come back days, weeks, or months later, you will still earn 4% on that purchase. 

TeamX members that show the most influence and earn the most cash will be considered for full Xidax Sponsorship! You can learn more and apply for sponsorship here.


ORIGIN PC is currently looking for passionate gamers with a large following on a social media account, Twitch.TV channel, YouTube channel, or have a new website with PC gaming related content. Signing up is easy. Just fill out the application on the ORIGIN PC link and they will let you know if you’ve been officially approved within 2 or 3 business hours.

Once approved, ORIGIN PC will contact you to provide you with further details and a unique Affiliate Account so you can log in to get ORIGIN PC marketing assets and monitor your clicks and sales. You can learn more about the ORIGIN PC sponsorship program and signup here.


MAINGEAR offers a BE NEXT sponsorship program for both upcoming and establishing content creators. This program is open to streamers and broadcasters around the world. You can learn more and signup for MAINGEAR’s sponsorship program here.


IRONSIDE is actively looking for YouTubers and Twitch streamers to sponsor! In their experience, every channel has its own niche and creative strengths, so we carefully assess each individual who applies. This may take some time after your application has been submitted, but our team is on the case! IRONSIDE looks for partnerships that go farther than the typical unboxing video; we want your fans to continually see the relationship between Ironside and yourself.

Sponsorship Requirements


50,000 Subscribers

10,000 Views per video


Reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

You can learn more about the IRONSIDE COMPUTERS sponsorship program here.



Digital Storm produces some of the fastest gaming computers in the market. It is constantly pushing the boundaries of performance so that its customers will enjoy a gaming experience unmatched by any of Digital Storm’s competitors.

They do not have a specific sponsorship page, but some people post to their forums inquiring about sponsorship’s. Or you could try emailing them a proposal: [email protected]. You can learn more about the DIGITAL STORM sponsorship program here.


CyberPowerPC doesn’t have an official page on their website for sponsorships. Instead, they request you email them the following:

  • Tell them about yourself
  • Include all your social media accounts and their respective follower count
  • Explain how you can promote CyberPowerPC

In essence, you need to have a decent following on Twitch, YouTube, or Twitter to be considered. If you do, tell them how you can add value to their brand. If you can’t, chances are you won’t make the cut.

CyberPower PC currently sponsors:

  • Imaqtpie
  • King Gothalion
  • MorningAfterKill
  • Shortyyguy
  • Summit1g
  • TimTheTatMan
  • Trick2g

MainGear PC

Email [email protected] to be considered. See their list of sponsored streamers here.

Controller Sponsorship Opportunities


Modjunkiez sponsorship consists of 5 tiers. See the program’s details below.The Next Level Sponsorship program consists of 5 tiers.  All very easily achievable. The concept is very simple the more people use your team / individual code the more you earn. You can learn more about the MODJUNKIEZ controller sponsorship opportunity here.


KontrolFreek offers an affiliate program. See how their program works below and whether or not you meet their requirements. Be authentic! Our Creators & Esports Ascenders programs are designed to reward you for spreading the word about all the great benefits of KontrolFreek products. You’ll earn store credit and commission with your unique 10% discount code (KF Creator Code). That means everyone wins when you’re honest and passionate about your #FreekNation love!

Sponsorship Requirements

  • Have a minimum of 15,000 followers on your social channels.
  • Be active – upload or stream regularly and be ready to show off your favorite performance thumbsticks or grip!
  • Be relevant – use KontrolFreek products and be able to share the benefits you see with your fans.
  • Be positive, engaging and entertaining! We have no interest in working with spammers, e-blasters or jerks. Our best partners are trusted and respected for their authenticity and deep gaming knowledge.

You can learn more about KONTROLFREEK’s sponsorship program here.


Iconic Controller’s Sponsorship is more than just an investment to sustain and grow our business. It offers an opportunity to connect with customers and colleagues in the gaming communities in which we serve. We know how important it is to understand the passions of our customers, which is why our sponsorships focus on developing key relationships, building loyalty, nuturing youth and embracing different cultures.

Interested in joining the Iconic Team go to this page to learn more.


GamerGrip® is committed to helping those who are committed to the game or sports. To inquire about GamerGrip® sponsorship is as easy as filling out their sponsorship form. You can learn more about the GAMERGRIP sponsorship opportunity here.


Fatal Grips offers 4 different sponsorship levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Below you can find details about how it works.

For the larger, more well established gamers, we offer higher level sponsorship’s up front. No matter what level of sponsorship though, we value all of our gamers and the support that they provide us. To apply, please ensure to fill up as many details as possible in the form below. Please remember that we take these applications seriously, so the first impression is extremely important.

Please ensure you write the correct email, otherwise FATAL GRIPS won’t be able to contact you!

If you do not receive an email within 48 hours, it means your sponsorship application has been denied. You can learn more and signup here.


Battle Beaver Customs has a sponsorship and affiliate program.

There isn’t much detail surrounding the Battle Beaver Customs sponsorship, despite the fact they offer sponsorships to teams and individuals. They have an application link and requests the following information:

  • Total follower count
  • Twitch link
  • Why should Battle Beaver Customs sponsor you or your team?
  • What would you like to see from Battle Beaver Customs if sponsored? 

Are you an aspiring amateur player looking to support Battle Beaver Customs and looking to earn respect to become a fully sponsored team or individual? Then apply for our affiliate program and earn free stuff as you prove your value when followers and subscribers alone won’t cut it.

You will be issued a 5% discount code if accepted good towards anything on our site. As it is used, you will receive credit that can be used for free merchandise as giveaways or personal use.

You can learn more about the BATTLE BEAVER CUSTOMS sponsorship here.

Energy Drink Sponsorship Opportunities


Rogue Energy is designed for casual and competitive gamers, students, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to optimize their mental and physical performance. Their energy drinks are developed from a nootropic stack to help replace sugary energy drinks and other pre workouts.

Their sponsorship is actually an affiliate program, they just refer to it as a sponsorship. No application required, simply create a profile to join.

Increasing your credibility as a small/medium sized streamer/team, getting your hands on an amazing gaming drink at a discounted price, and the possibility of earning commissions or even free items with sales are just a couple reasons. You can learn more about the ROGUE ENERGY sponsorship opportunity and signup here.


MIXT Energy is an energy drink company specifically geared towards gamers. They pride themselves on offering sugar-free energy drink solutions to the dedicated gamers. And they have an affiliate and sponsorship program.

Unfortunately, MIXT Energy doesn’t offer any information about their sponsorship program. All they request from you is your name, email, and other notable information. They leave that up to you. You should look at other sponsorship programs and their form fields to give you an idea on what to include. You can learn more about the MIXT ENERGY sponsorship here.


Insane Labz is one of the most odd energy drink companies you’ll find. The owner is horror-theme obsessed and tries to ensure the brand embody that genre. You can join their affiliate program if you’re brave enough. Details from Insane Labz can be found on their sponsorship page.


Do you want to become a partner of Gamer Supps? Gamer Supps is excited to offer a sponsorship to join GG Army. They request some basic information about you and ask what you will bring to the #GGArmy. Visit their sponsorship page and fill out the details to apply today.

G FUEL Sponsorship

G Fuel has received so many sponsorship requests that they finally put a sponsorship page on their website that gives you the ability to apply to become a part of the fast growing energy drink company. If you want to apply, visit their sponsorship page and click Apply.

They have different sponsorship types, each with their own application process.

Please note, that due to the number of applications they receive, the review process may take several weeks to complete.

G Fuel currently sponsors the following people:

Pewdiepie The Lord of Memes Dr. Disrespect #ChampionsClub FaZe Clan Esports Org Keemstar Drama Alert Host Dakotaz Fortnite Twitch Streamer Roman Atwood YouTube Celebrity Hamlinz Professional Gamer for TSM Castro FIFA Legend Faze Rug Youtube Celebrity Faze Tfue Fortnite Streamer Faze Jev Youtube Celebrity NoisyButters Variety Twitch Streamer Doug Martin Half Man – Half Fitness – Half Gaming Molt Gaming YouTube Celebrity Team Kaliber Esports Org Daequan Professional Gamer for TSM Lirik Twitch God KAPPA Nordan Shat Owns a McLaren FaZe Apex is short Rise Nation Esports Org Brittney Palmer UFC Ring Girl Doom Clan Esports Org Furious Pete Competitive Eater KOSDFF Owner of Team Kaliber Team Elevate Esports Org iFooYa Twitch Streamer WhosChaos Meme Lord Majestic Sharp Member of Team Kaliber Teeqo The Yung Swede Temperrr Owner of FaZe Clan ” Dillon “”Attach”” Price Professional CoD Player ” Olofmeister CS:GO Champion Faze Nikan Riff Raff The Tangerine Tiger TSM_Viss Professional Gamer for TSM Lt. Lickme Youtube Celebrity Team Heretics Esports Org Acai Twitch Streamer ActionJaxon Twitch Streamer Siefe Mixer Streamer xGladd Twitch Streamer Cahlaflour Twitch Streamer KBubblez Twitch Streamer GnarlyRita Twitch Streamer Bunny FuFuu League of Legends Pro Ramee Twitch Streamer FaZe Mew Twitch Streamer aDrive Pokemon Twitch Streamer Overtflow YouTube Vlogger TheBestTaco Twitch Partner SethDrumsTV Twitch Partner Dani Dawnstar Twitch Streamer SavinTheBees Twitch Partner Clintus Twitch Streamer Jess Brohard Twitch Streamer Bastrin YouTube Vlogger JaredFPS Mixer Streamer in no specific order!


eNgage is an energy drink company that focuses on keeping gamers’ energy levels up during long bouts of gaming. They claim to use only natural ingredients and the drink itself helps improve focus, calms your mind and gives you a boost of energy. But according to their FAQ page, they only deliver to countries in Europe.

Their partnership program is for gamers and streamers. They don’t have an application page nor do they list their sponsorship benefits, but you can inquire about a partnership by contacting them.


5-hour Energy doesn’t have a dedicated page on their website for sponsorships. Instead, they have a standard Contact Us form with a dropdown menu item for Sponsorship enquiries. They do sponsor esports teams, as you can see here on their website. They’ve sponsored the Detroit Renegades, CLG, and FlyQuest.

5-hour Energy believes in fielding players that compete at the highest levels in the most popular competitive video games.

As part of the CLG deal, a team house was renamed the 5-hour ENERGY® house, complete with custom branding. CLG’s League of Legends team will also have a 5-hour Energy branded jersey to sport. The sponsorship also includes specialized video content, apparel branding, social media activations and giveaways.

Food Sponsorship Opportunities


Viter Energy believes all gamers need energy and fresh breath. Their mints contain 40mg of caffeine, allowing you to stay alert no matter when or where you are. Viter Energy partners with gamers, streamers, and esports teams who want to bring more energy to their gaming fans, followers and friends.

Visit their sponsorship page and fill out their form to be considered.


Quest Nutrition has a Quest Squad, which are ambassadors of the brand. If you click on the application link, you’ll be taken to the Quest Squad page. Quest Gaming, we assume, is part of the Quest Squad – which is how they’ve branded their sponsorship program. Unfortunately we do not see a link to apply on the page right now. But here’s what they request.

A Quest Ambassador is known as a positive spokesperson who furthers the Quest mission through promotion, social media postings, and their everyday actions.

If this describes you, message them a quick blurb/short description about yourself and what calls you to be a Quest Ambassador along with where you are located, and any relevant links to your social media accounts as well as your email. What does being an Ambassador for Quest mean to you?

After receiving your inquiry, Quest will send your request to the proper department for review right away! It may take up to a month to hear back. You can learn more and signup here.


JerkyXP offers a sponsorship program, which we actually think is just an affiliate program. They offer zero details on what the program entails nor do they list requirements to join. You can learn more and signup here.


JerkyPro offers three types of sponsorships to top amateur or professional teams and players, along with streamers and YouTube personalities. You can learn more and signup here.


Catalyst Mints makes FDA approved caffeine mints. Each mint contains 30mg of caffeine, so you’ll need about 3 of them to get the same caffeine content of an 80z energy drink. Currently their program is invite only, but they still have an application page. All they request is that you provide them with links to your social channels. If approved, you’ll receive details on how to sign up. You can learn more and signup here.

Hardware Sponsorship Opportunities


AVerMedia Technologies provides PC, tablet, and mobile TV-viewing solutions, along with high-definition video and real-time audio-visual product designs. Their products range from streaming kits to TV tuners. VerMedia Technologies provides PC, tablet, and mobile TV-viewing solutions, along with high-definition video and real-time audio-visual product designs. Their products range from streaming kits to TV tuners.

AVerMedia wants to work with streamers and content creators that share their enthusiasm for making communities come together. If you can dream big and make thigns happen, AVerMedia wants to work together to brign the streaming and gaming community the best content they will ever see. You can learn more and signup here.


BenQ understands that one of your highest priorities is maintaining a top performing team. And as a team performs well, they should have the necessary tools to continue furthering their brand. Likewise, BenQ is continuously looking for unique individuals and groups to help promote our cause.

In filling out the affiliate form, BenQ hopes to learn about all the things you have been working towards so that we can determine how to best align ourselves with your goals. The program offers promotional opportunities, access and discounts to equipment, and so much more. The program is divided into three distinct categories:

  • Platinum Level
  • Gold Level
  • Silver Level

While submitting an application does not guarantee sponsorship, it does guarantee consideration. If selected, your organization will be placed into one of the above categories. Placement into a specific category is based on the factors listed for each level. To qualify for a specific level, your organization should meet at least two of the factors listed.

Platinum Level

  • Twitter Followers: 40,000+
  • Facebook Likes: 30,000+
  • YouTube Subscribers: 30,000+
  • Top 10 Finishes/Year: 70+ percent of events attended

Gold Level

  • Twitter Followers: 16,000 – 39,999
  • Facebook Likes: 10,000 – 29,999
  • YouTube Subscribers: 10,000 – 29,999
  • Top 10 Finishes/Year: 50+ percent of events attended

Silver Level

  • Twitter Followers: 2,000 – 15,999
  • Facebook Likes: 5,000 – 9,999
  • YouTube Subscribers: 5,000 – 9,999
  • Top 10 Finishes/Year: 30+ percent of events attended

You can learn more and signup for a BENQ sponsorship here.


ASTRO Gaming creates premium video gaming equipment for pro gamers, core enthusiasts and their lifestyles. As a participant in the ASTRO Gaming Affiliate Program, you will have the opportunity to earn 5% commission on all sales of audio systems, headsets and accessories while representing a company that’s on the bleeding edge of today’s gaming audio. Don’t miss your opportunity to work with a true game changer. Sign up for the ASTRO Gaming Affiliate Program and start earning today!


Tesoro manufactures keyboards, mice, headsets, chairs, and mouse pads for gamers. They have offices in Taiwan, China and California. They offer a team sponsorship for esports organizations, streamers and broadcasters on Twitch and YouTube. Tesoro is always looking to partner up with best teams and influencers in the Video Game industry. Please remember that we take these applications seriously, so the first impression is extremely important. You can learn more and signup here.


Team Razer is about growth through competition. It’s about being the best. About elevating the game and each other. Do you want to dominate your friends? Be the shining crown atop the leaderboards? Or change the meta as the new world champion? Then join the elite. Join #TeamRazer

Razor’s unique sponsorship program is for elite gamers and teams. If you’re not part of a well-known gaming organization or a top player, you have a very small chance of getting sponsored.

If you’re a streamer, try applying to Razor’s affiliate program.

Razer is more than just the world’s leading gaming brand. We inspire gamers everywhere with a razor-sharp focus on being the best in-game and in real life. Everyone armed with our cutting-edge peripherals including systems, mice, keyboards, headsets, controllers, mouse pads and more get the unfair winning advantage.

Esports Teams currently sponsored by Razer

  • Alliance
  • Mousesports
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Seoul Dynasty
  • Immortals
  • LA Valiant
  • SKG
  • Gen.G esports
  • RZR|Xian
  • ePunks
  • EDG
  • PandaCute
  • Team Queso
  • Tribe Gaming
  • WILLIAMS eSports

The Razer Affiliate Program is committed to working with motivated partners to help put the best gaming products in the hands of gamers everywhere.

Learn more about the affiliate program:


NVIDIA’s affiliate program offers you the opportunity to link to from your website and earn money on all qualifying revenues generated. When you promote NVIDIA products on your site or channel, your viewers will have access to top quality products from an industry leader and a brand they can trust.

As an NVIDIA affiliate, you earn with every qualifying sale your site refers. Better placement of ads leads to increased sales, meaning you earn more money.

NVIDIA will provide you with all the tools necessary to make money with the NVIDIA affiliate program. Simply place the banners and logos we provide on your site and we will manage the order, shipment and billing. All you do is sit back and receive checks.

Online reporting is offered through the Rakuten Marketing website allowing you to track the real-time effectiveness of your affiliate site. You can learn more and signup here.


Logitech is one of the most widely-known hardware companies in the gaming realm. Their gaming division produces mice, keyboards, mouse pads, headphones, streaming gear and more. Logitech sponsors the best teams and players in their respective games. They’re even partnered with McLaren, one of the most successful Formula 1 racing teams in the history of the sport.

Unfortunately Logitech doesn’t disclose their requirements or list their perks for sponsorships. But you can inquire about sponsorships by emailing [email protected].


The Corsair Streamer Program is perfect for anyone ranging from up and coming to well established content creators! If you are competitive, driven to learn and improve, and want to constantly push yourself to new heights, then this is the program for you.

You don’t have to be a huge name to join Team CORSAIR. The streamer program has 4 tiers, allowing you to start from the bottom and work your way up the ranks, increasing your fans and your benefits. Below you’ll see each rank and their respective perks.

Recruit – Tier 4

  • Affiliate links
  • Free t-shirt with purchase
  • 20% off peripherals

Lieutenant – Teir 3

  • Headset sponsorship
  • Free hoodie with purchase
  • 20% off peripherals
  • Affiliate links

Captain – Tier 2

  • Full peripheral sponsorship
  • Free gear
  • 20% off PC components
  • Corsair social support
  • Travel assistance
  • Affiliate links

Admiral – Tier 1

  • Financial sponsorship
  • Full peripheral sponsorship
  • 20% off PC components
  • Corsair social support
  • Travel assistance
  • Marketing photography
  • Affiliate links

You can learn more about the CORSAIR sponsorship program and signup here.


EL GATO is currently working with many broadcasters and streamers. They have this to say regarding new sponsorship’s “As much as we would love to sponsor everyone, we have to focus on working with the best personalities or teams that fit our brand and vision. We choose who we sponsor from a variety of factors, including channel size, content type, online persona, target audience and more. We know it’s not fair to judge an individual or a team solely on numbers, so we handle all sponsorship requests on a case by case basis.

If you think you have what it takes and want to become sponsored, you can reach out to the sponsorships team by using the form at

Not sure what to include?

If you don’t already have a presentation, here is an easy to follow template:

  • Who are you/your organization?
  • What kind of content do you produce and on what outlets/services?
  • What are the sizes of your audiences on such outlets/services?
  • What platforms do you play on? What types of games do you play?
  • Why you would like a sponsorship/partnership from/with Elgato Gaming?
  • What kind of value or support can you provide Elgato Gaming?
  • What would you like to see in return from Elgato Gaming?
  • What are your relevant social links? (YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)


You’d think Cooler Master only sells cooling products for PCs, but they also sell their own cases, power supplies, and accessories like keyboards, mice and more.

Cooler Master offers sponsorship’s but they don’t list any perks/requirements. Visit their contact page and send them a message expressing your interest.


HyperX Influencer Program is designed to help aspiring streamers and content creators reach new heights. Joining the #HyperXFamily means more than getting your hands on amazing gaming gear. You’ll gain access to resources, mentors and opportunities to empower your growth and support your success.

HYPER X currently sponsors:

  • Pokimane
  • Lirik
  • De’Aaron Fox
  • Unit Lost
  • Gordon Hayward
  • Daigo “The Beast” Umehara
  • Unit Lost

If you’re a motivated Twitch streamer or YouTube content creator, HyperX wants to hear from you. Get free HyperX gear, support, and a chance at a monetary sponsorship.


MSI is recruiting young talented gamers on both amateur and professional levels, to lend their support to help you compete in the glorious arenas of esport tournaments.

Team Dragon isn’t just about tapping MSI’s logo on every jersey – but the commitment to turn gamers’ dreams into reality through a platform that can cultivate your passion, to one day to be able to compete against world-class rivals and dominate the arenas.

Product Sponsorship

MSI believes having effective weapons gives you an edge in the game. MSI offers every team a full peripheral of products including gaming headsets, keyboard and mouse. MSI will also offer free replacements once a year during the sponsorship period.

Team Jersey

Whether you are a pro or an amateur, a uniform is what represents the team and the synergy between your teammates. MSI gladly supports their sponsored teams to design and produce their team uniforms.

Brand Support

MSI offers all our teams support in promoting their brands through MSI social media platforms as well as collaborating in our content creation. They also work together with teams to promote MSI products via campus events, tournaments and other opportunities.

You can learn more about the MSI GAMING sponsorship and sign up here.

NZXT Sponsorship

NZXT creates products for gamers – that has always been their passion. They sell gaming PCs and tons of PC components like cases, coolers, motherboards, power supplies and more.

Team NZXT is an affiliate program where you’ll get paid for promoting NZXT products. By joining the team, you’ll get custom NZXT swag and custom PC parts. NZXT also provides hookups for your followers with discounts, giveaways and more. Lastly, NZXT will help you build your brand across their entire social network. You can learn more and signup here.


The SteelSeries Affiliate Program is an opportunity for streamers and YouTube personalities to be a part of the SteelSeries brand by bringing their award-winning products to gamers around the globe. If you love SteelSeries products and are an advocate for the brand, or if you’re just a fan of the passion that gets poured into building SteelSeries products then, they want to equip and reward you.

SteelSeries works with dedicated and motivated gamers who have the same passion and drive that they do. You can learn more the Steelseries sponsorship and signup here.


In 2005, Turtle Beach pioneered the way for high-quality gaming audio with the very first console gaming headset – the X51 – and since then we’ve led the industry by designing innovative, best-in-class products that take gaming to the next level. Learn more and signup here.


Netduma sells a gaming router they claim is the only one that’ll fix your lag. The router is powered by DumaOS software that gives you analytics to fulfill your network demands without requiring you to be tech-savvy.

Netduma currently isn’t looking to sponsor or partner with esports teams beyond their current roster.

If you are an established YouTuber or streamer, email them to enquire about a sponsorship at [email protected]